Cape cod weeder


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Hardened forged-steel blade and heavy on-piece shank stand up to rigorous use. Aerate and loosen soil, dig out tough weeds and cut through earth with ease. Short, hardwood handle allows you precision and force. Hardwood handle is contoured for comfort and finished for weather resistance.



Cape Cod Weeder

The Cape Cod Weeder is also a great companion for planting smaller annuals too. It can be used to dig and cultivate the soil for quick planting from cell packs. The narrow tip comes in handy when weeding between stone and paved pathways, an area where many other weeding tools are useless.

The forged steel construction includes additional heat treatment of the cutting blade to keep a good edge, even in tough soil conditions. A comfortable contoured hardwood handle is finished for weather-resistance.

We also forge it a bit thicker for longer life and better performance on overgrown weeds. The tool cuts on both the forward and back stroke — it’s a scuffle hoe — and can be turned on its side and driven in by its point to nick out weeds snuggled up to valuable plants. Properly made, the cape cod weeder has a slight back angle to the blade that makes it exceptionally effective on the pull stroke.


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